Sheepskin Boots pictures taken by me

The following pictures were all taken by me. use phone.  some of them are great, right?


sheepskin tannery manufacturer yixing fur product OEM sheepskin boot_副本

Both the sheepskin boot and white sheepskin cushion are made by our factory. In China, not very cheap. but the quality is great. Other than do OEM orders for customers home and abroad, I myself also retail to earn some pocket money. customers all like them very much.

yixing fur products sheepskin snow boot OEM manufacturer

I like this style very much. very elegant. we also do OEM order for an Australian brand. They once sell in Tmall Global with very high price. more than 1000RMB. Even through very expensive, their customers still give 5 stars comments.  All made of high quality Australian merino sheepskin, of course wears comfortable.

yixing fur products sheepskin tannery sheepskin slippers

very very comfortable sheepskin slipper. Also Australian merino sheepskin.   and the skin under the slipper is also our product—kangaroo skin. yeah, kangaroo skin, not tiger skin, but tanned with tiger stripe. ^_^very smooth





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