YIXING sheepskin rugs make your home more sweet

In China, there’s mainly 2 different levels sheepskin rug, one is from Hebei, which known as low price. another is from Mengzhou fur city, Australian origin, high quality but a little expensive. and we belong to the latter. Most YIXING sheepskins are from Australia and all products of high quality. Below are pictures of our sheepskin rugs(all real shot)  1. Pictures I took by phone.  2. … Continue reading YIXING sheepskin rugs make your home more sweet

Australian merino sheepskin rug

Today, one Indian customer inquiry about sheepskin rugs, so I took some pictures by phone to him. In China, the sheepskin rug quality varies a lot, you can buy one sheepskin rug at $20, but if you need a high quality one, you may need 50$.  ours are the latter, best quality  Australian merino sheepskin, and tanned with Spanish-imported chemicals. much more healthy. Following are … Continue reading Australian merino sheepskin rug

Hongkong leather Exhibition-APLF

Our booth Every year, our factory will attend 3-5 domestic exhibition, like shanghai, guangzhou, beijing, haining etc. we don’t attend foreign exhibition, but the boss will visit our long-term customers. our factory–Yixing Fur Products Co., Ltd is a family owned business.  we’re one of the largest factories in Asia largest sheared-sheepskin processing base. Continue reading Hongkong leather Exhibition-APLF