Australian merino sheepskin rug

Today, one Indian customer inquiry about sheepskin rugs, so I took some pictures by phone to him.

In China, the sheepskin rug quality varies a lot, you can buy one sheepskin rug at $20, but if you need a high quality one, you may need 50$.  ours are the latter, best quality  Australian merino sheepskin, and tanned with Spanish-imported chemicals. much more healthy.

Following are the pictures

yixing fur products-sheepskin rug1

wool very very tense

yixing fur products-sheepskin rug4.jpg

extremely long wool yixing fur products-sheepskin rug6.jpg

yixing fur products-sheepskin rug7.jpg

these are samples in our office, a little dusty ^_^


With the improvement of living standard, more and more Chinese people buy sheepskin rugs.


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